Author Guidelines

TEXT: Booq Antiqua should be written in 10 font size. It should not exceed 20 pages apart from scanning articles including references and figures.

TITTLE: The title of the manuscript should be written with the first letters of the manuscript. The title should be short and clear. The first letters of the first degree titles in the text should be written in italics and the first word of the title should be capitalized for upper and lower, second and lower headings.

ABSTRACT: Between 200-250 words should be written in Turkish and English. The title of the work should be written in English.

KEY WORDS: At least 3 maximum 7 should be given in both Turkish and English.

SUBTITLES: In general, the introduction, method, findings, results, discussion and covers the parts related to the recommendations.

REFERENCES: Must comply with APA 6 style.

TABLE AND FIGURES: All images without a table (photos, drawings, diagrams, graphs, maps, etc.) should be named as a figure. Each table and figure should be placed in the text. All figures should be numbered consecutively in the text. The figures should be aligned with the text from the right and left. Smaller font can be used when text does not fit on the page.

FORMULAS AND UNITS: All formulas in the text should be written in equation format. Formulas (1), (2) should be given the sequence number. All units must be in the SI unit system.

SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS: Text can be given at the end of the text before the sources.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: You should be given before the sources to thank people or institutions.