Gazi Journal of Engineering Sciences(GJES) is an International Refereed Journal published in the field of Engineering (Machinery, Construction, Industry, Computer etc.) and Technology.The objective of GJES is to be able to hear scientific studies both at national and international academic and industrial organizations.

Nowadays, academic publications play an important role in the delivery of technological products and scientific studies to the world of science and industry as a result of interdisciplinary studies.

With this journal, it is aimed to reach the targets of many scientific studies under the concept of engineering.Each original scientific work done in the engineering field is evaluated in our journal.

GJES has a well -established and international advisory board and serves as Open Access to provide rapid spread of scientific studies.

The academic publications sent to GJES are published as open access on the internet three times a year, in April, August and December, after passing through the referee examination.

Publication language of Gazi Journal of Engineering Sciences is Turkish and English.


GJES focuses on experimental and theoretical studies on engineering given below: 

Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Industrial Design Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Aerospace Engineering 
Automotive Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Geology Science and Engineering
Geomatic Engineering
Mining Engineering
Mathematical Applications in Engineering

Other Engineering Fields