Publication Policy

Journal of Divinity Faculty of Hitit University is an international, peer-reviewed academic journal, published biannually by Hitit University Faculty of Divinity. 


The publication language of the journal is Turkish. Academic works in English and Arabic are also published. Other languages are subject to the approval of the editorial board. 

Fees and Payments

Hitit University Journal of Divinity is an open-access journal. There are no submission and publication fees required. Authors, editors, and reviewers are not paid, but an online publication of the article is sent to the author. 

Review and Publication Process

Manuscript submission deadline is January 15 for issues published in June and July 15 for issues published in December.  

The manuscript must be original work of the author(s) which has not been published previously. It must be submitted ONLY to Journal of Divinity Faculty of Hitit University, not under consideration or peer review or accepted for publication elsewhere.  

Manuscripts except research articles and translations are reviewed by editors.

If authors do not satisfy revisions required by reviewers on her/his second attempt, a third revision can be required. But, in this case, the manuscript will be considered for later issues and placed at the end if manuscripts are put in order, even when the author completes the required revision(s). 

Editors can request additional revisions in terms of language and grammar. 

Only one piece can be published in one issue by the same author(s) and two pieces in one volume by the same author(s). More than one pieces can be sent to the same reviewer in one issue. 

Peer-Review Policy

Journal of Divinity Faculty of Hitit University uses double-blind review, that identities of the author(s) are concealed from the reviewers and vice versa. Please ensure that the manuscript is prepared in a way that does not give away author(s) or reviewer(s) identities. 

To facilitate the blind review process, we do not list the names of reviewers on our website. 

Manuscripts are first reviewed by the editorial board in terms of academic quality and suitability of works to aims and scopes of Journal of Divinity Faculty of Hitit University. Manuscripts selected by the editorial board are sent for peer review to two reviewers. If two reviewers find manuscripts publishable, the manuscript is published. If one reviewer recommends acceptance and the other recommends rejection, the editorial board makes the final decision by considering the review reports. 

Other Policies

Copyrights of publications belong to Journal of Divinity Faculty of Hitit University and can be used with the condition of proper citation or quotation.  

The author(s) is responsible for the authenticity of the manuscript and must sure that the manuscript does contain nothing which is abusive, defamatory, libelous, obscene, fraudulent, or illegal. 

Journal of Divinity Faculty of Hitit University is strictly against plagiarism and submitted manuscripts are put through detection software(s) to prevent plagiarism. However, similarities below 15% are accepted. 

The journal is sent to national and international libraries selected by the editorial board, and to international citation index platforms within one month after the publication.