Principles of Publication

Principles of Publication

Ø Humanitas - International Journal of Social Sciences is a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal, published twice a year in Spring and Autumn by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University. The aim of the journal is to publish research papers in the fields of social and human sciences, which would evaluate contemporary and historical issues and matters of concern with a scientific approach.

Ø Humanitas is indexed in MLA, EBSCO, CEOOL, ASOS, TEİ, COPERNICUS.

Ø Original and scientific articles are accepted as representing the domains of Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Geography, Archeology, Linguistics, and Literature.

Ø The articles that are submitted to Humanitas should be based on research, be original, follow ethical rules, and should not have been published or sent to be published before. The papers presented at scientific conferences are taken for evaluation to be published if they have not been published in other journals or conference books on condition that the information regarding the conference is given as a footnote. This ethic responsibility belongs to the writer.

Ø The language of publication is Turkish, but articles in German, French, and English are also accepted.

Ø The form of the article should be organized according to the publication principles and the complete version, including bibliography, is sent via Dergipark system. Authors are required to use ORCID.

Ø The articles submitted to be published via Dergipark are checked by the publication committee for their form and content before they are reviewed and eventually published. The texts that are confirmed to correspond to the publication principles are evaluated scientifically by at least two reviewers according to double-blind independent and unprejudiced peer-reviewing principles. The reviewers have the authority to declare the manuscript acceptable or not for publication, or suggest it be corrected, re-written, re-arranged, or proofread. However, the last decision belongs to the publication committee.

Ø If the article is not properly organized according to the scientific publication principles, it is not taken into peer -review process and is rejected.

Ø The writers, whose texts are published in our journal, are responsible for all the scientific, orthographical and legal aspects.

Ø Ethics committee approval should be obtained for the research articles (for clinical and experimental studies on humans and animals). Ethics committee approval must be specified and documented in the article.

Ø    Articles in the journal are published with open access.

Ø The writers of the articles published in the journal are not paid for royalty.