The objective of the journal is to contribute to the development of the profession of 3 dimensional technologies (additive manufacturing) and digital industry at national and international leves.


Medical Applications for 3D Printing (Bioprinting tissues and organs, Challenges in building 3d vascularized organs, Customized implants and prostheses, Low–cost prosthetic parts, Anatomical models for surgical preparation, Synthetic skin, Cranium replacement, Medical equipment, Bone, Tailor-made sensors, Personalized drug dosing, Unique dosage forms, Complex drug-release profiles)

Aplication Fields (Medical and dental applications, Dental practices and materials, Soft robotics systems, Robot gripper systems, Building applications, Die/mold applications, Architecture applications, Models applications, Rapid prototype applications, Visual arts applications, Textile applications, Digital factories, Architectural-model applications and materials, Industrial applications and materials,  Food applications and materials, Artistic practices and materials, Scanning methods and modeling)

Digital Industry (Big data, Artificial intelligence, Digital life cycles, Sensors actuators, Augmented reality, visualization, System simulation, Wireless communication, ICT security, Digital business, Block chain, Data Safety, Autonomous robots, System integration, Internet of things (IT’s), Cyber security, Cloud computing,Digital factory)

3D Printer Design,  Modelling and Analysis (3D printer design, extruder design, Product development, Ceramic systems design, Food systems design Table system design, Electronics components, Mechanic components, Standard components)

Mechanical Properties of Filaments (Polymer materials, Flexible materials, Bio materials, Metallic materials, Wood materials, Composite materials)

Program – Control Technologies (Control programs, Design programs, 3D scanning technologies, DMLS technologies, SLA technologies, SLS technologies, FDM technologies, Digital production technologies,

Other 3D printer technologies and digital industry