After the first and successful edition of our new conference, we continue to host the second edition almost during the same period in the same venue. 2nd International Eurasian Conference will again create a multi-disciplinary discussion platform on Sport Sciences, Cultural Studies, Education, Theology, Literature, Language, Fine Arts, and other Social disciplines. Therefore, you are welcome to submit any kinds of presentation proposals, oral, poster or virtual, in any of the above fields. As one of the major aims of our association is to contribute to the peace of humankind, we will continue to discuss under the same theme; "Developing a new language: How can sport and education help constructing global peace?".   

As a tradition of our conferences, we want to establish a dynamic platform with workshops, panels, lectures, interviews, individual and group performances, cultural visits, and many other activities. Within this frame, we are open and definitely welcome to evaluate any demands, suggestions, and contributions from individual participants and partner associations. 

During the 2nd #IECSES conference, we will also host 2nd International Juried Arts Exhibition, and 8th International Kemer Culture and Sport Festival which has continued regularly since the foundation of ISCSA in 2010.   

The submissions for the conference and mixed arts exhibition will end on the 1st of September, 2017. 

All the full-text articles presented in the conference will be published in Proceedings Book with an ISBN number, and some selected presentations will also be published in our three journals; IntJSCSIntJCES, and IntJCSS

Conference website: