Author Guidelines


All correspondence will be sent to the first-named author unless otherwise specified. Manuscript is to be submitted online via and it must be accompanied by a cover letter indicating that the manuscript is intended for publication, specifying the article category (i.e. research article etc.) and including information about the manuscript (see the Submission Checklist). In addition, a ‘Copyright Realease Form’ that has to be signed by all authors must be submitted.

1. The manuscripts must be in Times New Roman typeface, 11 font size and have single line spacing (special typefaces can be only used partially).

2. In the manuscript, the title in English must be written with capital letters (10 font size) and the title in Turkish with capital letters (14 font size).

3. In the manuscript, after the titles and before the introduction section, Turkish and English abstracts of 180-200 words and an extended abstract in English comprising 600-800 words must take place. Five keywords must be included in the abstracts.

4. The name of the author has to be below the title of the manuscript and author’s title and affiliation have to be written with the footnote “*”. Mail address, phone number and e-mail address are to be indicated as well.

5. The articles must not be over 35 pages.

6. The Spelling Dictionary of the Institution of the Turkish Language (TDK) is to be abided in the articles and abbreviations.

7. In the studies of texts with transcription, one of the fonts of Timesefras, Munevver, and Oktay New Transcription or Timestrans is to be used. The transliteration studies with the fonts other than those will not be accepted. Those fonts will only be used in the text part. Times New Roman will be used in the Introduction, Analysis and Conclusion sections as stated in the first topic. Moreover, the photocopy or CD of the text that was studied has to be sent as well. (This is needed in order to send the text to the referees and for the evaluation of the text).

8. When submitting a translation for publication, a sample of the original text and bibliographical info must be attached as well.

9. A title page including author information must be submitted together with the manuscript. The title page is to include fully descriptive title of the manuscript and, affiliation, title, e-mail address, postal address, phone and fax number of the author(s) (see The Submission Checklist).

10. The rights of the manuscripts submitted to our Journal for publication, belongs to the author(s). Legal and scientific responsibility of the text which is published in the Journal, it belongs to the author(s) and the Journal is not responsible for it.

11. The author(s) can be asked to make some changes in their articles due to peer reviews.

12. The manuscripts that were sent to the Journal will not be returned whether they are published or not.

13. Publication rights belong to Istanbul University and they cannot be published anywhere else. The authors will not be paid for the rights of their article.