Author Guidelines

· JAD accepts only the works whose footnotes and bibliography are prepared according to APA style

·  Turkish and English abstracts should be added to each article, abstracts should be 100-150 words and written in 7 points Verdana. The name of articles should be written in Turkish and English. In addition, keywords should be specified without exceeding 5-6 words in both languages.

·  The articles that are sent to the Journal should not exceed 4500-9000 words including footnotes and bibliography.

·  The works should be submitted in A4 size format in MS Word program. The page size, font, line and paragraph spacing should be the following:

·   Top: 5.4 cm; Left: 4.5 cm; Bottom: 5,4 cm; Right: 4.5 cm.

·   Font: Palatino Linotype (Main text: 10; footnote: 8 points).

·   Line spacing: Exactly, Value: 14 nk; Paragraph spacing: before: 0 nk; After: 3 nk.

·   Traditional Arabic fonts should be used in Arabic texts.

·   If there are tables, graphics, and pictures in the article, the objects' size should not exceed 12 cm of width.

·  For the works of translation, text simplification, and transcription, should be added photocopies of the original texts or PDF format. In addition, for the book introductions and assessments, the book cover image should be added in JPEG format.

·  The bibliography should be organized alphabetically by the surname of authors

·   The footnotes should be under the page and arranged according to the sequential number system.