The aim of JMISCI comprises original research on all aspects of management and information science. Original research results, scientific reviews and short communication notes in various fields engineering and management are considered for publication. The publication language of the journal is English.

JMISCI is published 4 times in a year. Original research results, applications, implementations, scientific reviews and short communication notes in engineering, management and information science are considered for publication.

Manuscripts previously published in another journal are not accepted. Manuscripts with a suitable balance of practice and theory, pure theory or applications are accepted.

A review article is expected to give in-depth information and satisfying evaluation of a topic supported with an extensive list of sources.

Short communication notes are also accepted to share the first outcomes of researchers' on-going original research work.


Journal of Management and Information Science appears four times a year and publishes original research papers, project papers, reports, letters and book reviews on all aspects of the engineering and information science, industrial engineering topics, management science, decision science, decision making. Authors may see whole topics that JMISCI interested in.  

We aim to bring important engineering studies to a wide international audience and therefore publish papers with the journal related topics that advance our understanding of information science. The research presented must transcend the limits of case studies. Both experimental and theoretical studies as well as project papers, reports, letters and book reviews are accepted. These must offer insights into issues of general interest to information and management researchers. 

Papers should have a broad interest, and submission of reports that break new ground or advance our understanding of information science is particularly welcomed.

We aim for the content of the JMISCI to reflect the changing emphasis in our subject area and therefore urge authors to consider submitting their best and most current work to us.

All submissions will be assessed by one or more editors to determine whether they fall within the broad remit of Journal of Management and Information Science and meet the above-mentioned requirements. Papers that do not fulfil these criteria are likely to be rejected without review. This reduces the burden on both the refereeing community and the editorial system and enables authors to submit, without delay, to another journal. After this initial screening, all types of papers are subject to peer review and authors can expect a decision, or an explanation for the delay, within two months of receipt. If a revision is requested, the correspondence author should submit the revised manuscript within one months. Otherwise, revisions may be treated as new submissions and sent for further evaluation by new referees, unless there are special reasons for prolonged delay agreed, in advance, with the editor.

JMISCI is supported by Sakarya University, Istanbul Technical University and Gazi University lecturers and there is no charge for publishing papers.

JMISCI works together with other university lecturers to enable rapid publication of good quality research. Authors, whose papers are rejected by JMISCI, may be offered the option of having the paper, along with any related peer reviews, for consideration by the Editors of International Journal of Information Security Science. Authors will not need to reformat or rewrite their manuscript at this stage, and publication decisions will be made a short time after the transfer takes place.