Journal of Social Studies Education Research
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e-ISSN 1309-9108 | Period Biannually | Founded: 2010 | Publisher Bülent TARMAN |



Journal of Social Studies Education Research

e-ISSN 1309-9108 | Period Biannually | Founded: 2010 | Publisher Bülent TARMAN |
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Volume 10 - Issue 1 - Mar 2019
  1. Preparing Urban Youth to Live-up to their Civic Promise? Researching Youth Positionality of Civic Engagement Using an Arts-Based Instrument
    Pages 1 - 37
    Brad M Maguth, Kristin L.K. Koskey
  2. Pragmatic Forces in The Speech Acts of EFL Speakers at Kampung Inggris, Indonesia
    Pages 38 - 60
    Muhamad Mukhroji, Joko Nurkamto, H.D. Edi Subroto, Sri Samiati Tardjana
  3. Home Visit Effectiveness on Students’ Classroom Behavior and Academic Achievement
    Pages 61 - 80
    Fatih Ilhan, Burhan Ozfidan, Sabit Yilmaz
  4. Developing Creative Potential of a Schoolchild by Means of Native Language
    Pages 81 - 92
    Gelyusya Kayumova, Shamil Sheymardanov, Raziya Akhtarieva, Aray Zhundibayeva
  5. A New Approach to Prevent Corruption in Indonesia: A Case Study on TP4 in Central Java, Indonesia
    Pages 93 - 115
    Pujiyono Pujiyono, Fajar A. Setiawan, David M. T. Hutabarat
  6. The effect of analogy variations on academic writing: How Indonesian EFL students perform with different cognitive styles
    Pages 116 - 132
    Sujito Sujito, Teguh Budiharso, Imroatus Solikhah, Wildan Mahir Mutaqin
  7. Examining the Relevance of Indonesian Vocational High School Career Outcomes to the Labor Market
    Pages 133 - 155
    IM Hambali
  8. The Role of Parents’ Interests and Attitudes in Motivating Them to Homeschool Their Children
    Pages 156 - 177
    Baidi Baidi
  9. The Implementation of the Allocation and Distribution of School Operational Assistance Program for Compulsory Education Units in Kuningan Regency, West Java Province
    Pages 178 - 192
    Bahri Bahri, Asep Sumaryana, Erlis Karnaesih, Nina Karlina
  10. Raising Students’ Awareness of Social Justice through Civic Literacy
    Pages 193 - 218
    Adil Bentahar, Jason O’Brien
  11. Mistranslation and Maltranslation in A Medical Website: Evidences from Dorland’s Medical Dictionary
    Pages 219 - 240
    Ruben Dharmawan, M.R. Nababan, M. Sri Samiati Tarjana, Djatmika Djatmika
  12. State-based curriculum making in a post colonial Zimbabwe: Making sense of Family, Religious and Moral Education in a global context
    Pages 241 - 258
    Bekithemba Dube, Tsotetsi Cias
  13. Authentic Leadership In Madrassas: Asserting Islamic Values in Teacher Performance
    Pages 259 - 284
    Moh. Bahzar
  14. Using Action Learning, Concept-Mapping, and Value Clarification to Improve Students' Attainment in ICT Concepts in Social Studies: The Case of Rural Learning Ecologies
    Pages 301 - 322
    Olugbenga Adedayo IGE
  15. Bridging the Dichotomous Gaps between Trade Unionism and Management of Tertiary Institutions in Ekiti State, Nigeria
    Pages 285 - 300
    Bunmi Isaiah Omodan, Bekithemba Dube