About Journal

Essays, which are prepared with spelling rules and completely, are sent by way of DergiPark system. Academic writings, which are sent to the journal, are sent to the two leading expert referees after editorial boards’ examination. The studies which are sent to the referee do not include the information of the writer. If there is a correction in the study, the study will be sent to the writer after the referee’s evaluation. If the study takes two positive report, it will be reviewed by editorial board and later it will be published in deemed appropriate number. If the referees’ reports positive and negative respectively, the study will be sent to the third referee for taking his / her opinion. The names of the referees do not shared with the writers. The reports which are sent by referees are secret and aren't shared with outsiders. Editorial board reserves the right to change the spelling rules of the journal, shape and contextual aspects. Writings which are sent to the journal for including from the referee process are not given back. The studies should not be in another referee process at the same time. It is not given royalty to the writers for the essays which are published in the journal. The publication rights of writings are belongs to Journal of Universal History Studies. These writings are not published or used in another work without our permission. It can be quoted from essays by way of giving reference which are published in the journal.

It will be carried out guest editorship executions in the journal, too. Thus, it will be announced to whom it may concern for the guest editorship executions. The journal will publish special volumes for several occasions.

Essays which are sent to the journal will be taken under review after scanning similarity analyse. Similarity rate can be %30 maximum.