e-KAFKAS JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH (e-KJER) is a peer-viewed,  electronic journal published three times a year (April, August and December) by the Faculty of Education, Kafkas University.


e-KJER publishes the studies conducted by employing qualitative and quantitative methods in a number of types educational sciences, social sciences and physical sciences. The main purpose of the journal can be stated as: to enhance the learning in pre-school, elementary, secondary, higher and adult education, and to contribute to improve educational process and educational output.


e-KJER gives priority to articles of studies, researches, applications and surveys related to educational sciences and field education.


Upon the approval of the editor, articles are sent to two journal referees at least. In accordance with the assessment, Editor evaluates the article. In the event that one of the referees expresses a negative view on the article and the other one expresses a positive view, the article will be sent to a third referee, and a decision will be taken.