Aim of the Journal

Kastamonu Education Journal, published by Kastamonu Univesrsity, Faculty of Education (KUFE), is an international peer-reviewed journal.

Being a non-profit and governmental University working for the good of the public and as part of its foundation purposes and social responsibility policies, KUFE attaches importance to improving the education system. Through Kastamonu Education Journal, KUFE is and will be happy to contribute to qualified scientific studies which bear the potential to solve educational problems.

Kastamonu Education Journal intends to help the establishment of an education system where each and every individual, firstly in our country and then in the world, can attain the necessary knowledge and skills. In addition, Kastamonu Education Journal serves the purpose of popularizing the academic studies that present concrete solutions to the problems encountered in all levels -from pre-school to higher education- and that contibute to the professional development of teachers and academicians.