Instruction for Referees

Konuralp Journal of Mathematics ask that our referees judge papers as exposition rather than research. Our goal is that all articles and notes should be inviting to most readers. That does not mean the level of material is elementary, even advanced articles can be inviting. Making articles inviting usually means aiming them at the right audience, which ought to be mathematicians who are novices in the subject. For example, authors writing about analysis should think about what they would say to the algebraist down the hall or to a graduate student in the program. This is someone who knows mathematics, but needs to be reminded about this subject.

It is our goal to publish articles and notes that are error free and we ask referees to proofread the articles and notes to help ensure that the math is accurate. However, it is the author, not the referees who is ultimately responsible for the content of his/her article. Referees are encouraged to offer constructive suggestions but not to serve as boards of certification or as ghostwriters for careless authors.

Your primary role as a referee is to help the editor determine how to proceed with the manuscript. We ask referees to comment on general problems that might be apparent in an article. However, it is the author’s responsibility to adhere to MAA style and proper usage and grammar. It is the editor's responsibility to reject papers that are seriously flawed.

Time for Reviewing

Konuralp Journal of Mathematics ask that you send us your referee report within eight weeks. If you need more time, please let the managing editor know (

Reminder Notices

If you have received a request but have not responded, we will send you a reminder after ten days and a second reminder after 10 days. After that, you may be un-invited.

If you have received a request and have agreed to review, we will send you a reminder tendays after your due date and a second reminder 30 days after your due date. At that time we may contact you personally or you may be un-invited.

Suggesting Referees

If you are unable to referee please suggest other people whom we could invite.

Becoming Inactive

If you no longer want to referee, please let the managing editor ( know so we can mark your request in the Editorial Manager System.