Year 2019, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 1 - 5 2019-04-28

Patients with Constipation and Related Factors

Emine Yurdakul Ertürk [1] , Onur Yalçın [2]

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Objectives: Constipation is a widespread public health problem throughout the world and is commonly seen in the childhood period. The aim of this study is to assess the etiologic causes, clinical features and factors related to constipation among cases attending with constipation complaints.

Methods: The files and automation records of 162 cases aged from one month to 18 years attending the pediatric health and diseases clinic with the complaint of constipation from January 2018 to January 2019 were retrospectively investigated.

Home accidents were self-reported and questioned for the previous year. We developed a composite index to assess the overall housing conditions. Housing conditions were accepted “inadequate” if the score was below the median. We developed a logistic regression model to predict the housing-related factors in accidents.

Results: The mean age of cases included in the study was 51.1±40.8 months (2-192 months), with 53.1% of patients (n=86) in the 1 month-3 years age interval. Of cases, 62.3% were female and 37.7% were male. Toilet training had been given to 56.8% of cases, with mean age of toilet training 2±0.5 years. Fiber intake was insufficient in 72.2%, while fluid intake was insufficient for 84.5%. Of patients, 56.2% (n=91) had begun supplementary nutrition early (before 6 months). Of cases, 22.8% had developmental retardation, while 13% (n=21) had urinary tract infection as an additional accompanying problem. The most common accompanying complaints were abdominal pain and bleeding while defecating. In 39% of patients, there was family history of constipation. The functional constipation rate was 90.1%, while 1.9% had hypothyroidism, 1.9% had anal stenosis, 1.9% had medication use, 1.2% had Hirschprung disease, 1.2% had hypopotassemia, 1.2% had hypercalcemia and 1 case had vitamin D intoxication identified.

Conclusion: Constipation is associated with factors like toilet training age, beginning supplementary food early and insufficient fiber and fluid amounts in diet. It may cause growth development delay, urinary system infections and behavior problems.

child, constipation, etiology
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Author: Onur Yalçın

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