Writing Guide


In terms of marking and punctuation, the Turkish Language Institute marking guide should be taken as a basis, except when it is necessary to work or to be involved.

The relevant editor can make the spelling corrections it deems necessary; a summary written on a foreign language may be corrected if the editor concerned deems necessary.

Scientific studies and annexes (photographs, figures, tables, etc.) must be written in Times New Roman font, 11 pt, single (1) line spacing in Microsoft Office 2007 and above, and paragraph spacing must be 6nk before paragraph and 0nk after paragraph .

The page layout should be set so that all margins are 4cm.

Abstract and abstract texts should be typed in Times News Roman font, 9 pts, and single line spacing, 1 cm inside right and left.

The summary of studies written in foreign languages ​​should be in Turkish.

The use of footnotes should be avoided as much as possible, sources should certainly not be shown in footnotes, and footnotes should be referred to for descriptions only. Footnotes should be followed by automatic numbering. All information in the footnote should be typed in 9 points, 1 line.

At the beginning of the article, Turkish and English abstract consisting of 200-250 words, 5 words Turkish "Keywords" and English "Keywords"; Turkish and English titles should be included.

Turkish main title should be written in bold, 14 point and single line.

English main title should be written in bold, 12 point and single line.

Paragraph indentation should not occur.

Abbreviations should be taken in parentheses when presented for the first time in the text, not in brackets for later use:


Numerical data from the Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) has been taken. TurkStat reveals this data by conducting researches at certain periods.

The number and title of the tables must be found. The table number should be written vertically, based on the left and right; If it is a table name, the first letter of each word should be written in a slant. Tables should be in places where text should be found. The figure numbers and names should be centered just below the figure. The figure number should be written in a slant, it must end with a dot. The figure name should be written immediately next to the first letter only.

Images should be placed in text in high resolution, print quality scanned. In image naming, rules in figures and charts should be followed. Figures, charts and pictures can be placed in appropriate places within the text, subject to being aesthetic.

At the end of the study, the works cited under the title of the bibliography should be arranged in the author surname of the author, with the surname of the author and the first letters of the name written in large letters. The hanging system will be used in the welder. In addition, articles, papers and titles in the book should be quoted while the title (journal, book, encyclopedia, thesis etc.) should be written in italics.

APA should be used as a citation system in the study.

Direct quotations should be quoted.

Footnotes in the works should be prepared in accordance with the rules of writing bibliographies in scientific writings and given in the text. (see Writing Bibliography)

When working with a specific font (font), the font used must also be sent along with the text.

The work should be submitted electronically at dergipark.gov.tr/mecmua.

It is necessary to reach the journal in the electronic environment at the latest for the April issue of the works at least 1 March and for the November issue at the latest until October 1.