Author Guidelines


Authors should submit their papers according to the following rules:

1.   Authors should register on the journal's web page and upload an article by using UDS. Detailed information regarding registration, uploading, etc. is available on the website. 

2. Papers submitted to the MANAS Journal of Social Studies should be screened using the plagiarism detection software (turnitin, ithenticate etc.). The document confirming maximum 30% of similarity and Ethics Statement and Copyright Forms must be filled by the authors. 

3.   Authors take full responsibility for their papers.

4.   All authors who submit the paper to the MANAS Journal of Social Studies assume all responsibilities stated in the Publication Ethics Statement of the Manas Journal of Social Studies.

5.  The submitted word format of an article should not include personal information about the authors. Information about authors will be automatically retrieved from the entered details during registration, and fields while uploading an article. The word format of an article should properly contain Title, Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Methodology, Findings, Discussion and Conclusion sections, and References list.

6.   Authors will be asked to add personal information in the word format, when the file is sent to their e-mails for the final check after the evaluation process.

7.  Each submitted article should include an abstract between 750–1000 words after the “References” section. In Turkish papers the comprehensive abstract should be in English, while in English articles it should be in Turkish. The comprehensive abstract should be written in Times New Roman with 12 pt. This abstract should not include subheadings (for example, INTRODUCTION) and should be specified in a single column format.

8.  The papers are accepted in Turkish, Kyrgyz, English and Russian. Articles written in other alphabet (Cyrillic) rather than Latin (Kyrgyz and Russian) should contain the names of authors, the title of the article, the abstract and references in Latin.

9.   Submitted articles since April 2019 (including references and abstract) should not exceed 25 pages.

10. Authors should sign in journal's system from time to time, and follow the pre-review process to learn the views and requests of the referees and editors. Reviewer's requests for corrections are available on the system, so authors should make required corrections and upload the final version of the paper back to the system.

11.  Papers should not include details such as page numbers, headers, and footers.

12.  In articles requiring the use of particular font type, the font used should be also submitted within the paper.

13.  The headings should be written with the capital letter at the beginning of the world and no other formatting is allowed.

14.  Apart from the special circumstances required by the article or subject, the Turkish Language Institute's Spelling Guide should be used.

15.  Papers should consist of Titles, Abstract and Key Words, and References in Turkish and English. The same sections should be included into the system during uploading of the article. Abstracts between 150-250 words should be at the beginning of the article. Headings should be numbered. Paper should contain Introduction, Theoretical Basis, Methodology, Findings and Conclusion sections. Please visit

16.  The table title is placed above the table and written in capital letters at the beginning of the word. The title of the figure is placed below the figure and written in capital letters at the beginning of the word. The table content should be in 10 pt and single spaced.

17.  Articles written in Kyrgyz and Russian must include English Title, Abstract and Keywords, and References. At the end of references written in Cyrillic alphabet, the references should be given also in Latin letters. This is of importance for indexing and searching of the article.

18. References should be formatted according to the APA style. The in-text citation should be in (Surname, Year: No) format. At the end of each article references must be listed.

19. References should be sorted in alphabetical order. The first letters in references should be in capital. Example:  Surname, Name. (2015). Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx. City: Publisher) 

        References List according to the APA style

· Anderson, A. K. (2005). Affective Influences on the Attentional Dynamics Supporting Awareness. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 154, 258-281. DOİ:10.1037/0096- 3445.134.2.258

· Kejanlıoğlu, B. (2005). Medya Çalışmalarında Kamusal Alan Kavramı. Ed. Meral Özbek, Kamusal Alan (s. 689-713). İstanbul: Hil.

· Von Ledebur, S.C. (2007). Optimizing Knowledge Transfer by New Employees in Companies. Knowledge Management Research & Practice. Advance online publication. doi: 1 0.1 057/palgrave.kmrp.8500141


20.  Papers should be prepared in Microsoft Word (doc) program, and page layout should be formatted as follows: 


Paper Size                             : A4 Vertical

Top margin                           : 2.5 cm

Bottom margin                     : 2.5 cm

Left margin                           : 2.5 cm

Right margin                        : 2.5 cm

Font Type                             : Times News Roman, single spaced

Font Style                              : Normal

Titles                                      : 12 pt

Main text                               : 12 pt

Abstract                                : 10 pt, single spaced

References                            : 10 pt, single spaced 

Footnote text                         : 9 pt

Line spacing                          : single spaced

Tables                                    : 10 pt, single spaced