Publication Policy

  1. The Journal of Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Eskisehir Osmangazi University was first launched in 1986. After the name of the journal changed in both 1993 and 2005, consequently, the name is "The Journal of Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Eskisehir Osmangazi University" (ISSN: 1301-045x). The journal was published as 2 issues per year until the end of 2012, then publication of the journal is suspended between 2012-2017.

  2. It has resumed its publication life as an e-journal (e-ISSN: 2630-5712)  in June 2017. It is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year. Manuscripts submitted for publication are evaluated by the referees.

  3. Manuscripts written in Turkish or English language are accepted.

  4. Technical notes, letters to the editor, discussion papers, case presentations and translations are not published in the journal.

  5. Original research articles presenting detailed theoretical or practical content are published. Articles in this category are expected to bring a new dimension to the existing knowledge in the field of engineering or to contribute to extending knowledge in the field or to present a comprehensive practical application.

  6. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must not be published in any place or sent to any other journal for publication.

  7. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the template provided on the journal web page ( In the Pre-Control phase, correction for manuscripts that do not meet formatting requirements is requested. If not corrected within 10 days, the application is canceled.

  8. All manuscripts submitted to the journal are scanned through iThenticate: Plagiarism Detection Software during the pre-control phase and a similarity report is generated. For manuscripts with a similarity rate of 30% or more, revision is requested from the author(s). If the required revision is not made within 20 days, the manuscript is rejected.

  9. Manuscripts are evaluated by national and/or international referees. This journal uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

  10. It is expected that the manuscripts will be evaluated within 30 days. In case of exceeding this period, the referees receive a remainder message stating that an additional period of 10 days is given. If the referee is not able to complete the review within 40 days, a new referee is assigned.

  11. The final decision about the manuscript is made by the editor in accordance with the suggestion of the field editor. In accordance with the suggestions of the referees, major or minor revisions are requested for the manuscripts which are to be improved. Manuscripts which fail to provide satisfactory scientific contribution to the body of knowledge are rejected.

  12. It is expected from the authors that they complete necessary changes within 20 days when a minor or major revision decision is made. Otherwise, the manuscript is rejected.

  13. Manuscripts which are rejected by the majority of the referees are rejected in accordance with the suggestion of the field editor.

  14. The responsibility of the manuscript belongs to the respective authors. In order to comply with ethical standards, manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with internationally recognized code of ethics.

  15. Only one article with the same author can be published within the same issue.

  16. The copyright of the articles accepted to be published in the journal are transferred to the journal.

  17. There are no manuscript submission fees or manuscript processing fees for the journal.

  18. A conflict of interest declaration is required for each article published within the journal.