Research in Reading & Writin Instruction (RRWI) publishes research related literacy, literacy education and education of other language skills from preschool through adulthood. RRWI welcomes scholarly papers including not only original research (field research, experimental research, etc.) but also reviews of current research, and theoretical essays. Research on the affective, cognitive, pedagogical, technological, and political dimensions of literacy education.

To support scientific advances, RRWI especially prefers to publish multi-disciplinary research. And to encourage innovation in literacy education, RRWI supports to publishment of papers in which diverse perspectives about literacy education are presented and in which new research approaches and techniques are used.Manuscripts, sent to RRWI, are screened by the editors. If editors detect that a manuscript is clearly inappropriate for RRWI, or that a manuscript is not prepared by following author instructions, they will not consider manuscript for review. Corresponding author will receive an explanation why the manuscript is not accepted for review.

Manuscripts that are deemed appropriate will be anonymously reviewed by at least three reviewers. If necessary, a particular manuscript may be sent to one or more reviewer. At the end of the process, all manuscripts are read by editors prior to a final decision about acceptance.
Manuscripts are judged on the basis of their potential contribution to the field, methodological rigor, theoretical soundness, and quality of presentation.