Policy of Open Access

R&S - Research Studies has embraced the Anatolia Journal Open Access policy, with a view to creating beneficial results for academic life by increasing the universal use of information from open access.

R&S takes over the content from its publishers and publishes it. Any use (such as linking, copying, printing, any other use) other than commercial use purpose and content modification, provided that such content is copyrighted, copyrighted, contributed to the promotion and development of universal Open Access to scientific content, duplication and distribution in a physical environment, etc.).


Dear Readers  of R&S - Research Studies Anatolia Journal,

In order to further increase the use and effectiveness of the magazine, articles published in all issues are open to internet access free of charge and unlimited. In addition, the abstracts / abstracts and key words of all the articles are also available for you to use at the http://dergipark.gov.tr/rs web site of our magazine and its content.


Our Respect