Publication Ethics

R&S - Research Studies Anatolia Journal authors are expected to comply with the following ethical rules:

Articles submitted to the journal should not have been published elsewhere or have been sent for publication.

Authors should refer to all the citations they use in their articles.

Authors should ensure that they contribute scientifically to the article.

The authors must ensure that the article does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of another person or institution, does not involve plagiarism, and is their own work.

All authors mentioned in the article have equal responsibility for the submitted and published articles.

An article published in the magazine can not be added later.

Similarly, it is not possible to remove the author's name from a published article and to change the author's place.

Writers / authors of works eligible for publication for various reasons may wish to withdraw their articles from the magazine.

Reasons for withdrawal and the original citations cited to it are shared with the public and researchers, provided that the publication begins on the first page of the article before publication.

The author (s) are forwarded along with the reasons for withdrawal notifications to the organization (s) to which they are linked. However, a work accepted as an online publication can not be requested to be withdrawn from the magazine as soon as it is published in the system.

The writer responsible for the correspondence must ensure that all co-authors named are consenting to be published and co-authors.

All persons who contribute important scientific and literary contributions to the study should be named as co-authors.

Authors should provide access to the data sets contained in the article if deemed necessary.