Publication Principles

RumeliDE Journal of Language and Literature Research began publication in 2014 in the field of language, literature, folklore, culture, translation, language and literature education. It is a publication of academic, scientific and research-based articles. English, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Farsi are accepted as well as Turkish.

RumeliDE Journal of Language and Literature Studies publishes two online and print issues per year; spring issue on the 21st of April and fall issue on the 21st of October. Deadline for spring issue is the 1st of April and deadline for the fall is the 1st of October. For special issues, deadlines will be announced.

Only works that have never been published elsewhere can be published in the journal. In the event that an article which has been previously published elsewhere is published in the journal without being mentioned, the author(s) will be solely responsible for legal consequences and copyright issues.

Publication language of the journal is Turkish but the journal accepts works from any nation and institution; therefore, works in English will be accepted, too.

Submissions to the journal must not be published elsewhere previously. Papers presented in national or international symposia can be published with a footnote indicating this.  The author is solely responsible for providing references.  If the work is supported by an institution or a fund, name of the institution and project information should be mentioned as a footnote.

Submissions are reviewed by at least two referees after approval by the Editorial Board. If necessary, the editorial board may want the work to be reviewed by more than two referees. Final decision is made by the Editorial Board, considering the opinions of the majority of the referees. The journal reserves all rights to edit, publish or not publish the works.

The Editorial Board can ask for some editing from the author(s), considering the suggestions of the referees. The author(s) should make the necessary changes asked by the board and the referees until the abovementioned deadlines.

Author(s) can appeal against the rejection of referees, provided that they put forward relevant evidence in support of their appeal.  The appeal will then be assessed by the Editorial Board and the work will be sent to the review of different referees if necessary.

Author(s) should take into account the opinions and suggestions of the referees and the board in order to publish their works.

The copyrights of the published works belong to RumeliDE Journal of Language and Literature Studies. All references to the works must cite the original publication.  Authors are not eligible for copyright payments.

If a submission is not printed in the issue previously specified to the author, the copyright of the work will be considered returned to the author.

If the referees cannot assess the work until the deadlines determined by the Editorial Board, the board may send the work to different referees.

Authors and referees will remain mutually incognito until the end of the assessment.

Submissions must be written with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Submissions in Turkish must follow the rules in the latest Turkish Linguistic Society (TDK) guidebook.  Authors will be solely responsible for issues arising out of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

Authors will be solely responsible for the legal consequences of the content of their submissions.

The journal utilizes paid services for digital publishing, graphic design and inclusion in international indices; therefore, authors whose submissions are accepted are required to pay TL 150 (EUR 50 or USD 75 for foreign authors) to the bank account of Yakup YILMAZ (IBAN: TR540006400000114000860261).  Statement of account will be sent to editor via email (  Accepted submissions will not be published unless the fee is paid.  Authors whose submissions are rejected by the referees are not required to pay any fees.