Author Guidelines

Instructions for Authors

Giving the priority to the one written in the original language of the article, “Title/Abstract/Keywords” and “Makale adı/Öz/Anahtar Kelimeler” should be sequentially added. Abstract and keywords should not exceed 250 and 6 words, respectively.

Texts should be written utilizing Arial 10 pt in font type, 1,15 cm in line spacing and before 6 nk, after 6 nk in paragraph spacing. Pages should be structured as A4 with the customized values of 16,5 cm in width and 24 cm in length. Page margins should be arranged cropping 3 cm from top, 2,3 cm from bottom and 2 cm both from right and left. Text’s length should not get beyond the limits of 10-25 pages.

References should be written using Arial 9 pt in font type and 1 cm in line spacing References should comprise primary resources solely. Secondary resources should not be included in reference section; however, secondary resources may be given as a footnote in the text as where they have been cited. Harvard reference technique is used. In-text citations should be written according to the following examples:

Direct quotation

“…...” (Sayın, 2002: 25).

Indirect quotation

To Sayın…  (2004: 16).

Citing two or more works by the same

author in the same year

Tatlıdil (1990a, 1990b, 1990c).

Citing a work with more than two authors

(Tatlıdil et al.,2002).

Citing multiple works

(Sayın, 1995; Tatlıdil, 1980).



References should be written according to the following examples:


One author

SURNAME, N., YEAR, Book Title. Place of Publication: Name of the Publisher.


SURNAME, N., SURNAME, N., YEAR, Book Title, Place of Publication: Name of the Publisher.


SURNAME, N., YEAR, “Chapter Title” Book Title (in) SURNAME, N. (Ed.) Place of Publication: Name of the Publisher.


Hardcopy Journals

SURNAME, N., YEAR, “Title” Journal, Vol: No: pp.


SURNAME, N., YEAR,  “Title”, E-Journal Name, Vol: No: pp. URL


Report Book

SURNAME, N., YEAR, “Paper Title”, Conference Name, Year, Place, Issuing Institution Place of Publication: Name of the Publisher.


SURNAME, N., YEAR, “News Title”, Title of the Newspaper,  Date Day/Month Page

ie. Slapper, G., 2005, “Corporate Manslaughter: New Issues for Lawyers”. The Times, 3 Sep. p.4

TV programme

Programme Name, YEAR, [TV programme] TV Channel, Date Day/Month/Time.

ie. Little Britain, 2006. [TV programme] BBC, BBC2, 30 January, 20:00.


Movie Name, YEAR, [Movie] Director, Country: Production co.

ie. Macbeth, 1948, [Movie] Directed by Orson Wells, USA:  Republic Pictures

Articles of Journal from Database

SURNAME, N, YEAR, “Article Title”, Journal Name, Volume, page line, Citation date, Database name.

ie. Tamney, J. T., (1993). “Conservative Government and Support for the Religious Institution: Religious Education in English Schools”, The British Journal of Sociology, 195-210, October 23, 2000, JStor Database.