Author Guidelines


1- Articles should be written in Microsoft Word program and page margins should be set as follows:

Paper Size Vertical A4

Top Margin 3 cm

Bottom Edge 3 cm

Left Margin 2,5 cm

Right Margin 2,5 cm

Font Garamond

Font Style Normal

Size (normal text) 12 points

Size (footnote text) 10 points

Line Spacing 1.5

Page number, headers and footers will not be used in the articles.

3- The headings in the article will be written in capital letters only. Also, no headings or subheadings should be marked with a style or formatting different from the general format (header markings, etc.).

4- Turkish should be selected in the text and spelling errors should be cleared as much as possible.

5- TADER uses the Isnad Citation Style for citation and bibliography writing.

 The Isnad Citation Style:

Articles that do not comply with ISNAD footnote citation criteria will not be accepted.