Author Guidelines

The articles sent to be published complete a plase of plagiarism scanning, psg-1control, referee evaluation and Turkish-English language control. A study that is examined three times ‘ın the pre-control process and still does not pass, iş sent back to the author and wont be examined again in the same publication period. The studies that pass the pre-control are taken into assesment process with in the scope of double blind review.

The Vancouver reference style is used in the articles.

The article, must be adapted to journal writing rules before submission. Click here for the writing rules.

Important Issues That Block Publishing of Articles!

1. If the plagiarism result is high

2. If the editorial board does not approve

3. If the author does not have the ORCID number

4. If the article does not comply with the journal's writing rules

5. If there are no titles and abstracts in Turkish or English and if they are not prepared properly

6. Except for the editorial board's special decision, if the authors exceed two articles per year (one article in each issue)

7. In the preliminary review of the editorial board, if the article inadequate in terms of content, method, discussion, bibliography, language and etc.

8. If the ethics committee document is required, the required document is not added and the state of the ethics committee document is not indicated in the material and method section

9. Articles that have not completed the evaluation process can not be published until the evaluation / revision process is completed.