Turkish Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (TJMES) aims to better make sense of the region and its people. One of its primary objectives is to present analyses about the Middle Eastern affairs from a Turkish perspective by shedding light upon Turkey’s now a decade old activism in regional affairs. TJMES publishes academic studies that analyze political, economic and social dynamics and developments of the region. It prefers research written from multi-disciplinary perspectives and from a number of fields: political science, international relations, history, theology, sociology and economics

TJMES has the purpose of making a substantial contribution to the literature on the Middle East from various perspectives. The Journal also offers both significant research to the Turkish and world academia and valuable
resources for policy advisors on Turkish foreign policy. TJMES publishes articles both in English and Turkish and welcomes scholars to submit their high standard research from related social sciences.

Owner of the Journal, Tuncay Kardaş on behalf of Middle East Institute of Sakarya University

Managing Editor
Yıldırım Turan

Ali Balcı

Asistant Editors
Haydar Oruç,İsmail NUman Telci, Filiz Cicioğlu, Fatma Zehra Toçoğlu, Serra Can, Talha İsmail Duman

Book Review Editor
Mustafa Caner