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Yıl 2016, Cilt 4, Sayı 1, 52 - 69, 01.05.2016


Though tourism combines curiosity with security, over the recent decades, we are facing an inflation of risks that caused big problems for policy makers and officials interested in promoting tourism in their respective nations. As a result of this, one might speculate that the future of industry is uncertain. This essay review explores the already existent literature in risk perception applied on tourism fields as well as introduces the theory of attachment to explain how the world is constructed

Yıl 2016, Cilt 4, Sayı 1, 52 - 69, 01.05.2016



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Maximiliano E. KORSTANJE Bu kişi benim

Geoffrey SKOLL Bu kişi benim

Ashley SCHROEDER Bu kişi benim

Lori PENNINGTON-GRAY Bu kişi benim

Maite Echarri CHAVEZ Bu kişi benim

Yayımlanma Tarihi 1 Mayıs 2016
Başvuru Tarihi 1 Mayıs 2016
Kabul Tarihi
Yayınlandığı Sayı Yıl 2016, Cilt 4, Sayı 1

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APA Korstanje, M. E. , Skoll, G. , Schroeder, A. , Pennıngton-gray, L. & Chavez, M. E. (2016). TOURISM IN A WORLD OF RISKS . Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research (AHTR) , 4 (1) , 52-69 . Retrieved from https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/ahtr/issue/32312/359078

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