Alınteri Journal of Agricultural Sciences is an international peer-reviewed journal which was established in 2007. It is being published biannually and it adopts the policy of providing open access. By publishing novel articles, Alınteri Journal of Agricultural Sciences aims to create an environment for researchers to introduce, share, read, and discuss subjects in the field of agriculture and related topics such as life sciences, engineering, and basic sciences.


Alınteri Journal of Agricultural Sciences publishes papers in the categories of research articles, Invited reviews, short communications, and letters to the Editor.
Research areas include (but not limited to):

• Agriculture
• Aquaculture
• Fisheries
• Ecology
• Environmental sciences
• Horticulture
• Crop protection
• Bio systems
• Landscape
• Agriculture and aquaculture economics
• Agriculture and aquaculture biotechnology
• Soil science and plant nutrition
• Husbandry
• Basic sciences

And closely related life sciences, and engineering topics.