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European Journal of Forest Engineering (EJFE) is a double blind peer-reviewed open access journal, which publishes high scientific level research articles and subject reviews, exclusively in English, on topics dealing with forest engineering and technologies. The aims of EJFE are to report existing practices and innovations presented by scientists and professionals in the field of forest engineering, to encourage communication between academic/research institutions and industry, and to bridge the gap between researchers and decision makers.  

EJFE is an international open access journal that publishes pure and applied researches in the field of forest engineering and technologies. The journal promotes the latest scientific findings, empirical and theoretical researches on following areas; 

  • Forest transportation
  • Wood supply chain and transportation logistics
  • Forest harvesting
  • Forest operations and technologies
  • Forestry mechanization
  • Forest road design
  • Forest road construction and maintenance
  • Forest road infrastructures and their assessment
  • Forest utilization and planning
  • Operations planning
  • Small-scale forest operations
  • Forest biomass harvesting, estimation, and utilization
  • Harvesting non-wood forest products
  • Sustainable forest management studies
  • Best management practices to protect soil and water resources
  • Engineering applications in watersheds
  • Terramechanics in forestry
  • Engineering economy, cost estimation
  • Ergonomics and human factor in forestry
  • Workforce education,  training, and safety
  • Operations Researches (OR) in forestry
  • Engineering solutions for natural disasters
  • Precision forestry applications
  • Monitoring and assessment of forest resources
  • Information Technologies (ITs) in forestry activities
  • GIS and Remote Sensing applications in forestry
  • Forest surveying and photogrammetry

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The works published in European Journal of Forest Engineering (EJFE) are licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.