Etik İlkeler ve Yayın Politikası

Eurasian Journal of Science Engineering and Technology (EJSET) aims to publish, share and contribute the information obtained through scientific research. Publication ethics are kept in the course of publication processes in EJSET to assure the best practice guidelines and hence it is crucial for the journal’s editors, authors, and peer reviewers to abide by the ethical policies which have been prepared on the basis of the national “Higher Education Institutions Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Directive” and the international “COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors”, “COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors” and “Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The similarity rate of the article to be sent to the EJSET in the literature (excluding references) should not exceed 20% for original research articles, 30% for review articles, and 5% in a single source.