Calls for Papers: Special Issues of "Türkiye Ekonomisi" (Türkçe-İngilizce) Invited Editor: Prof. Dr. Sadi Uzunoğlu

Calls for Papers: Special Issues of

"Türkiye Ekonomisi/Turkish Economy"

by Invited Editor Sadi Uzunoğlu

Journal of Ekonomi is a double blind peer-reviewed international journal, publishes electronically in June and December twice a year. Journal of Ekonomi is open access for all researchers, and free of charge. Manuscripts can be submitted in English as well as in TurkishThe Editors invite the submission of articles on the research, policy and practice of tourism which are of interest to both academics and practitioners.  Being the first video article in Turkey, it was featured in the Journal of Ekonomi. 

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Türkiye’de işgücü piyasasında eğitim seviyesi genç işsizlik üzerindeki etkili mi? Ekonometrik analiz 

Utku Altunöz





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                                                         INVITED EDITOR,  Prof. Dr. Sadi UZUNOĞLU

Sadi Uzunoğlu, who was graduated from the Department of Economics,  Uludağ University,  began his academic studies in 1985 as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Economics of Istanbul University. He worked as an associate professor at the same university until October 2001 and continued his academic career at Istanbul Commerce University. Sadi Uzunoğlu has been working at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Trakya University since 2004. For detailed information please check:



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