Yıl 2016, Cilt 5 , Sayı 4, Sayfalar 240 - 0 2017-02-17

Dear Readers,

I am happy to announce the new issue of the ELT Research Journal. In this issue, we have three new articles.

The first article by Şengün Er Doğan and Enisa Mede examines and compares the effectiveness of implicit and explicit instruction on vocabulary development in fifth grade Turkish EFL classrooms. The study also attempted to find out the perceptions and feelings of EFL teachers about the implementation of these two instructional methods in their classroom practices. The findings of the study revealed that although there were no significant differences between explicit and implicit instruction on students’ vocabulary development, teachers perceived implicit instruction to be more motivating, interactive and enjoyable in fifth grade EFL classrooms.

The second article of the new issue, which has been authored by Rhian Webb, explores the perceived and actual knowledge about grammar (KAG) brought to TESOL education by pre-service, UK, native speakers (NS), through the contextualisation of a comparison with Turkish, non-native speakers (NNS).  Participants were asked to define the word grammar and state their personal perceptions about their KAG both before and after a small KAG test.  The test asked for knowledge of parts of speech, verb tense forms and functional elements to be demonstrated through; labelling with metalanguage, defining, identifying, naming and providing examples.

Finally, the authors of the third and last article of this issue are Seray Tanyer and Gonca Subaşı. The article aims to investigate 26 first-year pre-service English teachers’ domain specific beliefs about EFL writing through a range of structured interviews. The findings have revealed that first-year undergraduates approach foreign language writing with already shaped or adopted beliefs, truths and experiences. Furthermore, pre-service teachers interpret various writing components (e.g., good writing or good writer) with different sets of beliefs. Most essentially, the relationship between domain-specific beliefs about writing and writing performance in the literature has been supported by the current qualitative study.


I hope you will enjoy the new articles.


Prof. Dinçay Köksal


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Yazar: Dinçay Köksal


Yayımlanma Tarihi : 17 Şubat 2017

APA Köksal, D . (2017). Editorial. ELT Research Journal , 5 (4) , 240-0 . Retrieved from https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/eltrj/issue/28555/304674