Yıl 2017, Cilt 6 , Sayı 2, Sayfalar 172 - 173 2017-06-21



The current issue of ELT Research Journal focuses on language teachers’ perceptions and practices. Their previous experiences as well as their training make them the teachers they are, which are directly reflected in their classroom practices.

The first paper focuses on improving microteaching sessions in language teacher training programs. Elif Bozyiğit and Gonca Yangın Ekşi have conducted an action research to increase participation of student teachers and video-assisted constructivist feedback sessions following microteaching practices have been used to increase the effectiveness of microteaching. After a 6-week implementation, student teachers’ participation has increased with more positive perceptions towards giving and receiving feedback. Video-assisted feedback sessions appear to implement a more constructivist procedure in microteachings.

In the following paper, Nur Cebeci and Işıl Gamze Yıldız discuss the changing role of the teacher in the modern classroom. Previous experiences contribute to teachers’ cognition. The study presents teaching experiences of ten prospective teachers of English to track previous language learning background. It is acknowledged that pedagogical knowledge and methodological training in teacher education programs also have an effect on teacher cognition, yet, the observable data during the practicum reveals that the prospective teachers are influenced by their prior teachers. This finding is important in that it highlights the significance of good language teachers and how they can make difference.

The third paper is a qualitative study focusing on Professional Development as a lifelong learning endeavor.  Sabriye Şener and Ayten Çokçalışkan have worked with nine volunteering teachers to investigate their perceptions about professional development and on PD and what kind of practices they employ to become more professional. The study reveals that the teachers see professional development as a necessity and that it increases their motivation, confidence, knowledge and experience.

The last paper in this issue looks into vocabulary presentation practices of 377 teachers working in primary and secondary schools from seven geographical districts of Turkey. Zehra Yakan and Gonca Yangın Ekşi have collected both qualitative and quantitative data about preferred vocabulary presentation techniques of teachers and their opinions about vocabulary teaching. Observations and interviews have also provided deeper insight into the classrooms.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the authors who contributed to this issue. I would also like to thank all reviewers for their detailed and constructive feedback on the papers

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the whole editorial board of the ELT Research Journal and in particular Prof. Dr. Dinçay Köksal for providing the researchers with a platform to share their research for those of us who are interested.


Gonca Yangın Ekşi

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