The goal of the journal is to present and improve collective scientific knowledge and the scientific background dealing with otorhinolaryngological disorders and related subjects (allergy, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, radiology, anesthesiology, pulmonology, etc.) via experimental and clinical studies, reviews, case reports, short communications and letters to the editor.

The initial aim of this journal is to form a countrywide education platform and to share the recent information and learn about the treatment of various local or rare diseases in aware of the fact that a disease may be rare to a certain region while it is very common to another.

The second aim of this journal and Continuous Education and Scientific Research Association (CESRA), a nonprofit organization serving for continuous education, is to represent our country in international arena of science and knowledge with the published papers. We aimed to undertake a novel effort in the international representation and attribution of published articles. That is why we have set an international editorial board from all over the world beside the national board spread to each corner of the country.


The target readers of the ENT Updates include otorhinolaryngology specialists and residents as well as all other physicians working in the field of otorhinolaryngology or in related specialities.