Publication Ethics


Publications ethics is a fundamental principle of any research necessary for promoting academic integrity and high-quality scientific studies. A clear understanding of the publication ethics is paramount to ensure academic integrity. Academic integrity implies honest and responsible conduct in writing and publishing academic works. Practices such as plagiarism, data falsification, research fraud, undisclosed conflicts of interest etc. are unacceptable in the Eurasian Research Journal like in any other academic publications.

By submitting an article to this Eurasian Research Journal the Author(s) agree to comply with the following rules:

1.            Originality and Plagiarism - All submitted manuscripts must be the original work of Author(s). Any copying from other articles without providing proper references will be counted as plagiarism and will not be published in the Eurasian Research Journal.

2.            Data verification - Author(s) might be asked to provide the initial data used for manuscript for editorial review whenever a reviewer asks for. Therefore, Author(s) should be prepared to provide open access to the data. The raw data used in manuscript should be available should be available during five years after the publication of manuscript.

3.            Errors in manuscript – Author(s) must notify Editors of any significant errors, inaccuracies or significant approximations made in manuscript.

4.            Authorship – Up to five authors are allowed for each manuscript. Each authorship of a manuscript must comply with following authorship criteria. a) made significant contribution in completing the manuscript; b) drafted or revised the manuscript; c) reviewed and approved the manuscript for publication.

5.            Multiple publication – Author(s) are not allowed to submit the same manuscript to more than one journal.

6.            Acknowledgement of sources - Author(s) must properly acknowledge the work of other authors and provide proper references whenever the information is indicated in manuscript.

7.            Disclosure and Conflicts of interest and financial support – it is the responsibility of Author(s) to disclose any financial or other conflict of interest that might influence the conclusion or interpretation of their manuscript. All individuals and/or organizations that have provided financial contribution for research must be indicated in manuscript.

8.            Author(s) will receive a notification from the Editor once the manuscript is peer-reviewed and approved for publication. This is the final stage when Author(s) can introduce minor changes to the manuscript, make suggestions that do not mean significant changes to the mauscript or ask the Editor not to publish it. By giving their consent for publication after the approval of the final version of the manuscript by the Editor, Author(s) accept that it will not be possible to refuse to publish the manuscript in the Eurasian Research Journal, unless it is published in other printed or on-line sources or any of the abovementioned conditions is violated.