Ücret Politikası

Please make your payment after reading the text below.
• After the article submission process is completed, it will be checked by the journal secretariat whether it is at the minimum level in terms of required forms and writing rules.
• If the article is unsuitable, it will be returned to you for corrections and uploading of missing documents.
• If the article is suitable, you will be notified that the article is suitable by message via Dergipark, and you will be asked to pay the article submission fee and upload the receipt document to the system. After the bank receipt is uploaded to the system, the evaluation process of your article will be started.

The explanation for the article submission fee by the UAK (T.R. Inter-University Board Presidency) is as follows;
“According to the decision taken at the General Assembly of the Council of Higher Education dated 07.03.2019, to be valid for the articles published after 07.03.2019; Journals that charge a fee or additional fee from the author for publication after the acceptance of the article (looting / dubious journals) cannot be used in applications for associate professorship (declaration) since this relationship includes a conflict of interest.”

The submission fee is not subject to the acceptance-rejection condition, is requested to cover the costs incurred during the process, and is not taken for profit. Paying a fee does not mean the article will be accepted and does not increase the chances of acceptance. The article submission fee received before the evaluation within the framework of the UAK statement indicates that our journal is not in the category of predatory journals, and there are no limiting barriers to the use of published articles for UAK applications. Doi numbers are determined immediately for accepted articles after acceptance, and all accepted articles are published early online and open access on our website.

Article submission fee: 100 USD or equivalent TL (Turkish Lira) for original articles, 75 USD or equivalent TL (Turkish Lira) for review and case reports.

Fast-track process: The expected time from submission to the first decision for Fast-track process submissions is 1 month. A Fast-track process does not increase the chance of acceptance of the article. The fee will not be refunded if the article is rejected due to the reviewers' evaluations.
Fast-track process submission fee: 400 USD or equivalent TL (Turkish Lira) for original articles, 150 USD or equivalent TL (Turkish Lira) for review and case reports.

No fee will be charged for invited reviews and editorial articles.

Contact: grblkbs@gmail.com

Information that should be included in the bank receipt for billing
- Name Surname
- Address
- TR no (For Citizens of the Republic of Turkey)

Bank account details for fee payment:
TL: TR34 0006 2001 0940 0006 2970 20
USD: TR48 0006 2001 0940 0009 0861 00
Euro: TR75 0006 2001 0940 0009 0860 99
Garanti Bank, Kavacık, İstanbul

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Gönderim Ücreti: 100.00 USD

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