Yazım Kuralları

Preparation of Manuscripts 


Articles submitted for publication must be written in English, and produced in TeX, using preferably either AMS-TeX (ams ppt style) or LaTeX (2e style). The first page should contain the title, authors' names and addresses, full contact details of the corresponding author, the abstract, 1-5 keywords, and Mathematics Subject Classification Numbers (2010). Figures must also be prepared in electronic form, preferably tiff or eps. Figures and Tables should have captions and should be mentioned on a suitable place in the text.

In the list of references, the following examples should be observed.

Journal article: [1] Chen, B.-Y. and Garay, O. J., An extremal class of conformally flat submanifolds in Euclidean spaces, Acta Math. Hungar., 111(2006), no. 4, 263-303.

Complete book: [2] Duggal, Krishan L. And Bejancu, A., Lightlike Submanifolds of Semi-Riemannian Manifolds and Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1996


Accepted Manuscripts


Upon acceptance of a paper, the Editorial Office will ask the Author to send the source TeX file of the final accepted version of the paper and the files of the figures. If necessary, the author(s) would be asked to revise the manuscript according to the referees suggestions.

You should prepare the paper in accordance to IEJGEO style which can be downloaded from here




A PDF file of the final version of the article will be sent to each author. Papers are presented on the internet immediately after they are accepted for publication. Full-text Access to all papers is available for free so as to reach the widest possible audiences. No reprints will be offered, however.