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How to prepare your manuscript for IJCESEN

  • Before starting to preparation of your manuscript pls be sure that you have an "ethical committee permission" certificate (or document) for your work (if it is NEEDED)
  • Please use Template File and also follow instruction detailed below to prepare your manuscript

  • Title: Title of paper should be written using times new roman and 14 punto and black.

    Author's name: Authors's name should be written using times new roman and 12 punto and black. Corresponding author should have "*" sign and all authors should have :

           -- Affilation: Affilation of autors should be written using times new roman and 10 punto 

           -- Email  and ORCID for all authors: Email and ORCID should be written just under affilation for all authors (times new roman and 9 punto).

    Keywords: Keywords should be written using times new roman and 10 punto and must be between 3-5.

    Abstract: Abstract should be about 200-250 words and  should be written using times new roman and 10 punto.

    Main body of manuscript: The main body of manuscript should be written using times new roman and 11 punto.

    Equations: Equations should be centered in manuscript and number should be given in phrantesis.

    Figure and table captions: All figure and table captions should be centered in manuscript and using times new roman and 10 punto and italic. (Only "figure, table" should be black).

    References: APA style references for article publication in IJCESEN should be used. All references (for paper, conference, internet, book etc) should be listed as shown in template using times new roman and 10 punto and should be quoated in manuscript using brochets. Details of references is available in template which should be used manuscript submission.

  • After finished preperation of your manuscript : A similarity check should be done by authors and this report should be uploaded along with the manuscript (similarity rate should NOT be more than %20). Any program (e.g. ithenticate programme) may be used for this purposes. This is vital for ethical and Plagiarism Policy for IJCESEN.
  • Submission and tracking of manuscript to IJCESEN, the entire editorial workflow of the Dergipark Online Manuscript Tracking System is used.

                                                                                    How to submit your manuscript to IJCESEN

Check List before Submission

- Pls be sure that you have similarity check report (should be less than 20%).
- Pls be sure that you have ethical committee document about your work (if NEEDED)
- Pls be sure that you prepared your manuscript using template file

- Pls be sure that you fill in COPYRIGHT form

Submission Steps :

- Register to IJCESEN database. http://dergipark.org.tr/en/pub/ijcesen
- Then login to system using your email and passport http://dergipark.org.tr/en/pub/ijcesen
- Click new submission link in right side of the page
- Follow each step in submission page
- Pls select journal section (must be Research article, Review, Technical Note) and language English
- Upload your manuscript (manuscript must be prepared using IJCESEN format as WORD)
- Add authors for your manuscript and title and also abstract must be written in this step
- Pls upload all supplementary file (copyright form, similary check report, ethical committee document etc) .
- Click Finish Submission link to complete your submission

                                                                               How to track your submitted manuscript to IJCESEN

-Pls login to IJCESEN database. http://dergipark.org.tr/en/pub/ijcesen
-Follow instruction provided by dergipark (you will also received an email for all)
- After acceptance of your paper pls download sign, scan and upload copyright form which is available HERE

All publised articles in IJCESEN are licensed under under the Creative Commons NoncCommercial 4.0. International LicenseCreative Commons Lisansı