International Journal of Quality in Education (IJQE) is an international open-access double-blind peer-reviewed journal and welcomes a range of manuscripts including academic achievement, educational research freedom, sustainable development in education, sustainable academic research freedom, curriculum development, education technology, creativity and innovation, comparative education, life-long learning, educational administration, education, and sustainable development, international education, leadership, teacher quality, equity, policies, and practices in the field of educational sciences under the sections of the original theoretical works, literature reviews, research, case studies, and review articles in an educational context. Additionally, the purpose of IJQE is to improve and establish the quality of education by promoting academic freedoms in institutions. Therefore, any case study that increases/reduces the quality of education, of academicians and institutions where the cases took place by censoring and /or coding by the evidence) is welcome.
International Journal of Quality in Education (IJQE) will be published in two issues (bi-annually) starting from 2021.