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International Journal of Quality in Education (IJQE) an international peer-reviewed journal aims to provide a forum for original and theoretical and research-oriented studies in education to improve the quality of research and to encourage mutual sharing of national and international academic research. The journal publishes fully refereed papers which cover applied and theoretical approaches to the study of education. Papers should constitute original research, and should be methodologically sound, theoretically informed and of relevance to an international audience. 

International Journal of Quality in Education (IJQE) publishes a wide range of manuscripts including quality in education, academic achievement, sustainable development in education, curriculum development, education technology, creativity and innovation, comparative education, life-long learning, educational administration, education and sustainable development, international education, leadership, teacher quality, equity, policies and practices in the field of educational sciences under the sections of the original theoretical and practical works, literature reviews, research and review articles in an educational context.

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