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The language of the journal is French, English and German.


All correspondence will be sent to the first-named author unless otherwise specified. Manuscpript is to be submitted online via http://dergipark.gov.tr/login  that can be accessed at https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/iuafdi  and it must be accompanied by a Title Page specifying the article category (i.e. research article, review etc.) and including information about the manuscript (see the Submission Checklist). Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word 2003 and upper versions. In addition, Copyright Agreement Form that has to be signed by all authors must be submitted.

1.  The manuscripts should be in A4 paper standards: having 2.5 cm margins from right, left, bottom and top, Times New Roman font style in 12 font size and line spacing of 1.5. Due to double blind peer review, manuscript file must not include any information about the author. 

2. Title Page  including author information must be submitted together with the manuscript. The title page is to include fully descriptive title of the manuscript and, affiliation, title, e-mail address, postal address, ORCIDs, phone and fax number of the author(s) (see The Submission Checklist).

3.The manuscripts should contain mainly these components: title, abstract and keywords, sections,  references and, tables and figures.

4. Before the introduction part, there should be abstract between 150-200 words both in the language of the article and in English summarizing the scope, the purpose, the results of the study and the methodology used. Underneath the abstracts, 3-5 keywords that inform the reader about the content of the study should be specified. For the manuscripts in French and German, an extended abstract of 600-800 words is required as well.

5. Apart from research articles and reviews, reviews of judgements, legislation assessments and meeting notes are included within the journal.

6. Research article sections are ordered as follows: “Introduction”, “Aim and Methodology”, “Findings”, “Discussion and Conclusion”, “Endnotes”, “References” and “Tables and Figures”. For review and commentary articles, the article should start with the “Introduction” section where the purpose and the method is mentioned, go on with the other sections; and it should be finished with “Discussion and Conclusion” section followed by “Endnotes”, “References” and “Tables and Figures”.

7. Annales de la Faculté de Droit d’Istanbul offers two options of referencing style. Authors should use OSCOLA (See The References section in below). Accuracy of citation is the author’s responsibility. All references should be cited in text.

8. If the manuscript includes a table or graphic, raw data must be submitted as a separate Excel file together with the manuscript Word file. Tables, graphs and figures should be given with a defining title and with a number if it is necessary to follow the idea of the article.

9. It is accepted that the submitted manuscripts are in line with the journal’s rules. In case that violation of scientific research and ethical rules and too many writing errors are detected the manuscript would be rejected by the Editor and Editorial Board.

10. Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work submitted to the journal for publication.

11. The manuscripts submitted to the journal will not be returned whether they are published or not.


Ensure that the following items are present:

-           Confirm that the category of the manuscript is specifed.

-           Confirm that “the paper is not under consideration for publication in another journal”.

-           Confirm that  disclosure of any commercial or financial involvement is provided.

-           Confirm that last control for fluent English was done.

-           Confirm that journal policies detailed in Information for Authors have been reviewed.

-           Confirm that the references cited in the text and listed in the references section are in line with OSCOLA

● Copyright Form

● Permission of previous published material if used in the present manuscript

● Title Page

-          The category of the manuscript

-          The title of the manuscript both in the language of article and in English

-          All authors’ names and affiliations (institution, faculty/department, city, country),

-          e-mail addresses

-          Corresponding author’s email address, full postal address, telephone and fax number

-          ORCIDs of all authors..

-          Grant support (if exists)

-          Conflict of interest (if exists)

-          Acknowledgement (if exists)

● Main manuscript document

-          Important: Please avoid mentioning the author (s) names in the manuscript

-          The title of the manuscript both in the language of article and in English

-          Abstracts (150-200 words) both in the language of article and in English

-          Key words: 3-5 words both in the language of article and in English

-          Extended abstract in English if the manuscript is in French or German (600-800 words)

-          References

-          All tables, illustrations (figures) (including title, explanation, captions)



Reference Style and Format

Annales de la Faculté de Droit d’Istanbul offers two options of referencing style. Authors should use OSCOLA OSCOLA (Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities) is published by the University of Oxford and detail and examples about the style can be found at https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/research-subject-groups/publications/oscola

OSCOLA Reference Examples

Primary Sources

Do not use full stops in abbreviations. Separate citations with a semi-colon.


Give the party names, followed by the neutral citation, followed by the Law Reports citation (eg AC, Ch, QB). If there is no neutral citation, give the Law Reports citation followed by the court in brackets. If the case is not reported in the Law Reports, cite the All ER or the WLR, or failing that a specialist report.

Corr v IBC Vehicles Ltd [2008] UKHL 13, [2008] 1 AC 884.

R (Roberts) v Parole Board [2004] EWCA Civ 1031, [2005] QB 410.

Page v Smith [1996] AC 155 (HL).

When pinpointing, give paragraph numbers in square brackets at the end of the citation. If the judgment has no paragraph numbers, provide the page number pinpoint after the court.

Callery v Gray [2001] EWCA Civ 1117, [2001] 1 WLR 2112 [42], [45].

Bunt v Tilley [2006] EWHC 407 (QB), [2006] 3 All ER 336 [1]–[37].

R v Leeds County Court, ex p Morris [1990] QB 523 (QB) 530–31.

If citing a particular judge:

Arscott v The Coal Authority [2004] EWCA Civ 892, [2005] Env LR 6 [27] (Laws LJ).

Statutes and statutory instruments

Act of Supremacy 1558.

Human Rights Act 1998, s 15(1)(b).

Penalties for Disorderly Behaviour (Amendment of Minimum Age) Order 2004, SI


EU legislation and cases

Consolidated Version of the Treaty on European Union [2008] OJ C115/13.

Council Regulation (EC) 139/2004 on the control of concentrations between undertakings

(EC Merger Regulation) [2004] OJ L24/1, art 5.

Case C–176/03 Commission v Council [2005] ECR I–7879, paras 47–48.

European Court of Human Rights

Omojudi v UK (2009) 51 EHRR 10.

Osman v UK ECHR 1998–VIII 3124.

Balogh v Hungary App no 47940/99 (ECHR, 20 July 2004).

Simpson v UK (1989) 64 DR 188.

Secondary Sources


Give the author’s name in the same form as in the publication, except in bibliographies, where you should give only the surname followed by the initial(s). Give relevant information about editions, translators and so forth before the publisher, and give page numbers at the end of the citation, after the brackets.

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (first published 1651, Penguin 1985) 268.

Gareth Jones, Goff and Jones: The Law of Restitution (1st supp, 7th edn, Sweet &

Maxwell 2009).

K Zweigert and H Kötz, An Introduction to Comparative Law (Tony Weir tr, 3rd edn,

OUP 1998).

Contributions to edited books

Francis Rose, ‘The Evolution of the Species’ in Andrew Burrows and Alan Rodger (eds),

Mapping the Law: Essays in Memory of Peter Birks (OUP 2006).


Halsbury’s Laws (5th edn, 2010) vol 57, para 53.

Journal articles

Paul Craig, ‘Theory, “Pure Theory” and Values in Public Law’ [2005] PL 440.

When pinpointing, put a comma between the first page of the article and the page pinpoint.

JAG Griffith, ‘The Common Law and the Political Constitution’(2001) 117 LQR 42, 64.

Online journals

Graham Greenleaf, ‘The Global Development of Free Access to Legal Information’ (2010)

1(1) EJLT < http://ejlt.org//article/view/17 > accessed 27 July 2010.

Command papers and Law Commission reports

Department for International Development, Eliminating World Poverty: Building our

Common Future (White Paper, Cm 7656, 2009) ch 5.

Law Commission, Reforming Bribery (Law Com No 313, 2008) paras 3.12–3.17.

Websites and blogs

Sarah Cole, ‘Virtual Friend Fires Employee’ (Naked Law, 1 May 2009)

<www.nakedlaw.com/2009/05/index.html> accessed 19 November 2009.

Newspaper articles

Jane Croft, ‘Supreme Court Warns on Quality’ Financial Times (London, 1 July 2010) 3.