Etik İlkeler ve Yayın Politikası

Publication Ethics
The publication process at The Journal of Eurasia Sport Sciences & Medicine (JESSM) is the basis for the objective and respectful improvement and dissemination of information. The procedures in this process are designed to improve the quality of the studies. Peer review validates and supports the scientific method. It is of utmost importance that all parties participating in the publication process (authors, readers and researchers, publisher, reviewers and editors) comply with the standards of ethical considerations. JESSM expects all parties to observe the following ethical responsibilities.

The following ethical duties and responsibilities are based on the guide and policies of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Ethical Responsibilities of Authors
Authors who submit their manuscripts to JESSM are expected to comply with the following ethical responsibilities:
• Author(s) must submit original studies to the journal. If they use other studies, they must make accurate and complete in-text and end-text references.
• Individuals who did not contribute to the study at the intellectual level should not be indicated as an author.
• If there are conflicting interests or relations related to the manuscript submitted to be published, they must be explained.
• During the review process of the manuscript, the author(s) may be asked to supply raw data to the editorial and scientific boards.
• Author(s) should document that they have the study participants' consent and the necessary permissions related to the research/analysis and sharing of the data used.
• Author(s) have the responsibility to inform the editor of the journal or the publisher if they notice a mistake in their study during early release or the publication process and to cooperate with the editors during the correction or withdrawal process.
• Authors cannot submit their studies to multiple journals simultaneously. Each submission can be made only after the previous one is completed. A study published in another journal cannot be submitted to JESSM
• Author responsibilities as described in a study cannot be changed once the review process has begun (e.g., adding an author, reordering of author names).
Ethical Responsibilities of Editors
The editor and field editors of JESSM should uphold the following ethical responsibilities that are based on the COPE Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.