Yazım Kuralları

Manuscripts submitted to Journal of Eurasia Sport Sciences & Medicine (JESSM) should neither been published before nor be under consideration for publication in another journal. The main article types are as follows:

  • Articles: Original research manuscripts. The journal considers all original research manuscripts provided that the work reports scientifically sound experiments and provides a substantial amount of new information. Research articles should not be more than 7000 words and 55 references. The maximum number of words in the abstract is 250.

  • Reviews: These provide concise and precise updates on the latest progress made in a given area of research. Systematic reviews should follow the PRISMA guidelines. Review Articles should not be more than 10000 words and 100 references. The maximum number of words in the abstract is 250.

  • Case reports: Case study, case report, or other description of a case. Case reports present detailed information on the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment (including all types of interventions), and outcomes of an individual patient. It usually describes new or uncommon conditions that serve to enhance medical care or highlight diagnostic approaches. It should contain 1500 - 2500 words with a structured abstract of 200 words maximum, and maximum number of references is 20,and maximum number of Figures.

  • Brief Report: A short and/or rapid announcement of research results. Brief Reports should contain 1500 - 2000 words with a structured/nonstructured abstract of 200 words maximum and maximum number of references is 20, and maximum number of Figures.

  • Letter: Letter to a publication, typically commenting upon a published work. Letters should contain 500 - 1000 words, maximum number of references is 10, and maximum number of illustrations.

All manuscripts must be written in English, with attention to concise language, a logical structure and flow of information, and correct grammatical style. We appreciate that many of our authors do not speak English as their first language and may need assistance to reach the standards required by the journal. In addition, some younger authors may not be experienced in scientific writing styles. Since manuscripts that fail to meet the journal’s writing standards will not be sent out for review, such authors should ensure that they seek assistance from native English speakers and/or experienced colleagues prior to submitting their paper.

To send electronically, manuscripts should written in Word Document (Microsoft Word 97, 2003, 2007) and pages should be organized like below.

  • Top and bottom margin             : 2,5 cm

  • Left and right margin                  : 2 cm

  • Font                                                   : palatino linotype

  • Point size                                         : 12 (Except of special chapters such as manuscript title and abstract)

  • Paragraph spacing                       : first 6 nk-then 0 nk

  • Paragraph indent                         :1 cm

  • Line spacing                                   : single (1)

Manuscripts should adhere to the guidelines set out in the Publication Manual of American Psychological Association (6th Edition, 2010). The guidelines applied to all citations, references, tables and figures.