Instructions for reviewers

Dear reviewers,

Thank you for your efforts on creating a better journal. The following instructions will help you make a proper reviewership.

First, fill in the reviewing form. It has radio buttons about the language and overall performance of the article. Then you will give information about the article to the authors and to the section editor.

Second, prepare a brief report for the editor. You are free about what to mention, but if you need guidance, tell us more about the language (typos, misspellings), overall scientific performance (what to do to improve the paper) and lastly what to do to this article (accept, accept with revision, rejection, etc).

An important thing to mention here is that you will upload the evaluation form first, followed by your reports.

Thank you for your efforts.

PS: For uploading purposes, click the upload file button and find the file, then click the blue button, therefore you will upload your file. Additionally, please do not write your name or your affiliation in the reviewing form.

J. Turk. Chem. Soc., Sect. A: Chem.