As the managing editor of the journal, I would like to invite you and your colleagues to work for our journals. Here is the brief list of what could be done.

1) Secretary: The secretary will investigate the article by referring to the standards of the journal, and reject or accept the article. Simple instances include the typeface (font) of the article, spacings, no heading numbering applied, references formatted according to Vancouver style, etc., and returns to the managing editor.

2) Copyeditor: (Requires high level of English) A copyeditor scans the article for one or two times and tries to recover the errors made, and returns the modified text to the managing editor. Highlighting or using the Track Changes feature of the Microsoft Word is greatly appreciated.

3) Layout editor: (Requires high level of Microsoft Word usage) A layout editor skims through the document and prepares the cover page (the most important information lies there) and formats the other pages through the accepted rules of the journals.

4) Proofreader (Requires high level of English) The proofreader skims through the formatted document for a final time and informs the Layout editor and managing editor about the changes to be made.

5) Index manager: (Requires medium to high level of English) For a journal, indexes are highly important to attract the attention of readers. An index manager searches suitable indexes for a journal and tries to apply their management to be included. The index manager works in coordination with the managing editor.

6) Report manager: The report manager creates a report at the end of every publication season (for example, after 5(1) issue, the report manager prepares a report and sends to the managing editor). The report contains every non-published article and in what condition they are. The report is then divided into the corresponding editor and sent separately. Since it is a one-time activity per publication season, the report manager will also do the same for the other journals.



Dr. Barbaros Akkurt

Managing Editor, JOTCSA, JOTCSB and JOTCSC,,

J. Turk. Chem. Soc., Sect. A: Chem.