About the Journal

The Journal will publish, after a single blind peer-reviewing process, the following:

Research Articles,

Review Articles,

Letters to the Editor.

Book reviews and thesis abstracts will be accepted without peer-reviewing.

The following disciplines of chemistry will be covered:

Analytical Chemistry,


Computational Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry,

General and Inorganic Chemistry,

Organic Chemistry,

Physical Chemistry,

Polymer Chemistry,


Our Journal will employ, whenever possible, two reviewers per article for ensuring a good reviewing process. The following criteria will be used by the reviewers:

1) Language usage: If the language of the article is very poor, the reviewer will stop reviewing and reject the article with a note on improving the language of the article.

2) Ithenticate score: Plagiarism (with Ithenticate) is checked and please ask the Journal Manager to learn the Ithenticate score of the manuscript you are reviewing. It must be lower than 21% for our journal.

3) Scientific considerations: If the reviewer observes any deviation from the reality, he/she can request a revision, or reject the article.

4) Acceptance: If the reviewer accepts the article, the decision will be passed to the editor, who will make the final decision.

5) Unique synthetic studies: If a synthetic study is determined to be not unique and somehow appeared in the literature before, the reviewers will reject the article.

The timespan for single-blind reviewing an article is 20 days.

Please note that after accepting an article, there is no turning back and the article will be published. As we are not working with money, there is no refunds nor waiver policy.

The reviewer will submit his/her opinions about the paper in two boxes, one of which is "for author and editor", and the other one is "for editor". The reviewer will indicate if the paper is suitable for publication, should be rejected, or revisions will be required.

J. Turk. Chem. Soc., Sect. A: Chem.