Author Guidelines

Trakya University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences E-Journal Writing Rules

•  Abstract ”and“ Introduction ”sections of the manuscript should be prepared starting from the first page.  Abstract should be written as 150-200 words.

• Abstract  should be in 9-point and Times New Roman font and the other pages of the article should be in the same font.

• Manuscripts should be in 10 pt., Explanations, graphics, figures and similar sources should be in 9 pt.

• Articles are arranged in a single line spacing according to the Word program, margins on A4 paper, upper 6.2 cm, lower 5.5 cm, right and left 4 cm, top information 5.2 cm, footer 5 cm, gutter 1 cm and not exceeding 20 pages.

• The first line of paragraphs in the text will start 1 cm from the inside. The main title is capitalized and the text body is centered, 4 lines below the page; subheadings shall be placed in accordance with the paragraph order (1 cm from inside). The author or authors' names are written side by side in the lower right of the title. No academic title is given when writing author names. The academic title of the author, the name of the institution (university, faculty, department, or other) where he / she works should be written at the bottom of the page as a footnote. There is no other title other than academic title.

• Topics covered in the text 1,2,3 inde. decimal numbers such as 1.1., 1.2., sistem. Headings should be placed under the figures above the tables and charts, and the bibliography should be indicated below.

• Resource representation has been adopted as an APA method and a different source representation is not accepted.

• All text must be justified.

• Excluding the bibliography part of the text, it is scanned in one of Turnitin or İThenticate plagiarism programs and the final report should be uploaded to the journal's Dergipark system by scanning the wet signature.

• The e-mail address of the author / authors should be written.

• In-article references should be written in brackets within the text, and the explanations should be written in 9 pt.


Single author; (Zaim, 1999: 75)

Double author; (Repetti and Matthews, 1989: 1395)

If more than two authors; (Sparks et al., 2001: 492)

When referring to more than one work of the same author (Zaim, 1984a: 6; 1999b: 120) should be.

In Bibliography:

Single author article display

Arıcı, K. (2001) Der A New Experience for our Social Security System: Private Pension Funds Tecrübe, İşveren Magazine, C: XL, S: 3, TİSK.

Multi-author article representation:

Martin, P., and Widgren, J. (2003). International Migration: Facing the Challenge, Population Bulletin, Vol: 57, No: 1.