Writing Rules

Candidate articles are subjected to preliminary examination in terms of publication, writing, quality, scope, research and ethics. Plagiarism checks are made using the plagiarism control software of the candidate articles. Candidate articles which are evaluated as inappropriate are returned to the author without being evaluated. Studies that require an ethical comittee decision such as clinical and experimental animal studies should have a documented ethical comittee approval.

International Science and Education Journal is published in Turkish and English. The author (s) should use the template on the web page and upload the relevant files by following the necessary steps. The application files should not exceed the names of individuals, institutions and organizations in any way. Applications must be uploaded in a single file in English or Turkish.

The works submitted for publication to the UBED must be of a specific nature and should not be submitted to more than one journal at the same time. The author (s) must make a full and correct reference and / or citation if they use other studies or use other works. Writing rules, citation, and ethical violations are the responsibility of the author and not the International Journal of Science and Education.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Articles to be sent to the International Journal of Science and Education should be prepared and uploaded using the word file "UBED Article Template" in the "Submit Article" menu. Required informations are available in the word file.


Page Layout: A4 Portrait, Margins (Normal) (2,5 cm on 4 sides)

The journal does not impose a limit on the number of pages or words related to the articles to be sent to the journal, but the editorial board may express an opinion that the study may be shortened.

Font Family: Times New Roman, Main headings 11, Text 10 pt. The page layout should be set to 1.5 line spacing, justified


The studies submitted to the journal may be composed of the following main topics in order;



The title of the study should be written in Times New Roman font and 14 pt. The title should be made to cover the whole text. The initials of the words should be written in a large format with the exception of conjunctions.



The abstract should be written in Times New Roman 9 point size, justified and 150-200 words. Self; the purpose, method, results and original value of the research should be written to reflect.



At least 3 maximum 5 keywords should be written about the study



In the introductory section, the theoretical basis of the study, related research, the importance of the study, the problem, the purpose (s) / hypothesis (s) should be detailed in the introduction.



Methodological issues related to the study such as the type, validity and reliability of the study, data collection tools, data collection process, data analysis, limitations should be considered under this main heading.



The findings obtained from the study should be presented in the order stated in the objectives / hypotheses of the study. In the presentation of the findings, items such as graphics, pictures, tables, figures can be used.


Discussion and Conclusion

In the conclusion part of the study, the findings and the main ideas arising from the discussion should be put forward. This section should also include the limitations of the study, future research and practical recommendations.


Acknowledgments and Information

If the study is supported by any institution or fund, if it has been presented as a paper, or if the study was produced from a dissertation study, the explanation should be made. If you need to thank any person or institution within the scope of the study, you should also mention this in this section.



References APA 6 should be prepared according to the rules of reference. The procedures and principles of Turkish translation for full text in Turkish should be taken into consideration in writing and references.

Font family Times New Roman and line spacing should be 6 nk. The indentation should be 0.5 cm.



If tables, figures, graphics or pictures are required to be included in the text in addition to the tables, figures, graphics or pictures, they should be categorized as Annex 1, Annex 2. If an appendices section is to be created, it should be prepared as the main topic such as Introduction, Method.


Tables and Figures

The following rules should be observed in the representation of tables and figures.

The space between table number, table name, table, and table rows is set to 0 nk. There should be 6 nk of space between the last line of the table and the next paragraph. The table number should be written in bold. The name of the table should be written as normal, justified, and the first letters of the table name (with the exception of the conjunctions and prepositions such as, and, mi, and mi).

FOR EXAMPLE: Table 1. Table Title


Figure numbers and titles are given under the figure.

Except the custom names, only the first letter of the figure names is capitalized. It's not witten in bold. The previous section of the figure is written in bold (Figure 1. Figure 2.). Figures should be at a resolution of 300 DPI.

There should be 6 nk of space between the name of the shape and the next paragraph.

FOR EXAMPLE: Figure 1: Figure title