Focus and Scope

International Journal of Economics and Innovation aims to share original academic and applied research articles with science environment by open Access policy.

International Journal of Economics and Innovation is a free of charge, double-blind and peer-reviewed biannually academic journal that publishes original scientific works in the fields of Economics, Business Management, Finance, Econometrics, Labor Economics, Public Administration, and International Relations in English and in Turkish. Authors are not asked any fee for their submissions.

Review Process

Articles sent to International Journal of Economics and Innovation should not have been published elsewhere or sent for publication. There is an Editorial Board of our journal. All submissions are subject to a double blind peer-review process. Articles sent to the journal are evaluated by the two reviewers who are the experts of the related field after the editorial check. Article is sent to a third one if any of the reviewers reports unfavorable decisions. In order the article to be published, both of the reviewers should report favorable decisions. The journal is an online one and the evaluation period of the manuscripts is 2 months at most. Following the favorable decisions of the reviewers, if the author requests one, a certificate of acceptance signed by the editor is sent. In addition, those articles that are accepted for the publication can be followed under “Accepted Submissions” section on the homepage.

*All legal and scientific responsibility of the contents of the work belongs to the author(s).

Publication Frequency

International Journal of Economics and Innovation is a biannual journal published in April and October. The authors can send their work whenever they wish. The evaluation process completed articles are published taking the dates they are received into consideration.

Open Access Policy

With the principle of offering scientific researches to the public free of charge will increase global sharing, this journal provides instant Open Access to its content. The scientific essays published in the International Journal of Economics and Innovation can be downloaded freely, used, copied, distributed, transferred, scanned, linked to full text, indexed, transferred to any software and used for any legal purpose without being subject to any determent/ determination. Furthermore, on condition that the user cites to the original article, the work can be copied digitally, distributed, and published articles can be copied in finite numbers for personal usage.

Privacy Statement

The names and the e-mail addresses on this site are used according to the aims stated here, and are not open for any other purposes or to the usage of any other people.

Submission Fees

Authors are not subject to any fee like application, evaluation etc.

Publication Ethics

International Journal of Economics and Innovation undertakes to carry out publication ethics in the supreme standards and to follow publication guide prepared by Committee of Publication Ethics(COPE ).

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism detecetion will be done by using iThenticate software. Manuscripts sent to International Journal of Economics and Innovation, are reviewed at the pre-evaluation level with iThenticate software and those which do not provide the certain criterions are not evaluated and are rejected.

Copyright Notice

Authors declare and undertake that the articles sent to International Journal of Economics and Innovation to be evaluated and published, haven’t been published anywhere else before, haven’t been accepted to be published, and haven’t been sent to any other journal to be published. Authors hold the copyright and grant the first publishing right to the journal.

All legal responsibility of the contents of the work belongs to the author(s). No royalty rate is paid for the work. Manuscripts can be cited on condition that the user gives reference.


This journal uses the LOCKSS system in order to create distributed archiving among the participant libraries and to allow these libraries to create permanent archives to protect and to restore.

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