Peer Review Process

Initial Screening (before Peer Review) consists of five-step binary checks outlined below:

  1. Plagiarism Test: All papers submitted to the UUJFE are tested against plagiarism using automated tools (iThenticate ©). See our stance and steps we take to avoid plagiarism here.
  2. Design: the design-guidelines of UUJFE should be met by the paper. See our manuscript writing rules here and download the template file from here.
  3. Scope: The paper should be within the scope covered by the UUJFE.
  4. Copyright and Consent Form: Signed by all authors listed in the paper and must be submitted along with the paper. The form can be acquired here
  5. Potential Referees: At least three potential referees must be suggested, with at least one referee from outside the auhors' affiliated institutes / universities. The potential referees acts as a guide to the editor during the selection. However, it's at the discretion of the editor to send the manuscript to any of the potential referees. 

In any case, should the submitted paper fails to adhere the initial screening requirements, the corresponding author is notified via-email about the editor decision upon the paper. The possible decisions of the initial screening are "On hold" (changes required, i.e. missing forms), or "Reject".

Papers submitted to UUJFE are double blind peer reviewed. At least two reviewers (who are experts in their fields are assigned to each submitted paper. The reviewers and authors do not know their names and affiliations. The blindness is ensured using automated tools and manual editing. IE., the author names and affiliations (if present) are removed manually from the manuscript. The xml source of the paper is also checked automatically and removed from any traces of identifying information.

The reviewers may respond with Accept (A), with minor (MN) or major revisions (MJ) or reject (R). As an example, if a manuscript gets A and R, the paper is send to a third reviewer for clarification. The editor then decides the decision regarding the publication.